How it will work:

  • Most promising ideas get a mentor, who starts to work with idea author already before event. Mentor will find out which materials and tools are needed for implementation. Also, mentor will give advice and share contacts for project success.
  • Mentor will evaluate your project – is it doable during weekend and fits the event’s format.
  • Most promising ideas being built during weekend are supported for component purchase in an amount of up to 200 €.
  • Idea author needs to take components for idea implementation him- or herself. Mentor will give adise regarding component list. It is possible that you might receive some support regarding component list purchase. You will get the result of product built during event to yourself.
  • There is a wide variety of tools available in Mektory building that will make the idea implementation easy. It is strongly suggested to bring along simpler tools – screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, ….
  • You need to make a 3 minute presentation at the end of the event of built device..
  • Project teams are put together on first day of the event after idea pitching. It is possible also to join the event with your own team.


Idea selection:

  • Event participants will choose the idea they want to participate in on first day of event. Please prepare a presentation for your idea introduction. There will be also and idea discussion ongoing on our  Facebook’i event page.
  • You have 90 seconds for idea introduction. After presentation it is possible for audience to give 2 questions.
  • Please prepare for idea introduction one page PDF file. It will be shown on to wall during your presentation. It needs to describe your idea as simple as possible.
  • File needs to be sent to info@skeemipesa email address on Friday, October 27th at 12:00 at the latest. Idea name should be used for the name of the file.
  • Ideas are presented in the order PDF files have arrived to organizers.

NB! The better presentation, the better team members you likely get. Please practice your presentation for best outcome.

Team work:

  • After team formation, each team will get a place where to build the idea.
  • Ideas which have at least 4 members in team will be started to be built during event
  • Idea authors not succeeding to acquire big enough team has to join some other team.
  • It is important to elect a leader for a team, who keeps up the motivation and tracks the time schedule for assuring the first prototype completition by Sunday afternoon..
  • We offer food on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You do not need to worry about it and can fully focus on idea implementation.
  • Our mentors will help you. Some of them are having technical, some other business knowledge. Use their help as much as possible.
  • Keep your name tag on your chest and be ready for open communication. You could get lots of new contacts and good ideas.


Prototype presentation:

  • You need to finish your prototype building by Sunday October 29th at 16:00.
  • Each team has to be ready for presentation.
  • At presentation you should show your prototype – what you have achieved to do during event. You are not allowed to use Powerpoint or other illustrative materials. If you have made a software product, you can show the product.
  • Presentations will start at 16.00.
  • Presentations are done on the same order as on Friday. Each team will get 3 minutes.
  • After presentations jury will gather and will choose best teams for award nomination.
  • Summary and jury member suggestions are given


Safety regulations regarding electronics part building:

  • I will do hardware development only when what-ever device is not connected to mains network.
  • Before opening device housing I will unplug it from mains network and wait for 10 seconds for capacitors to empty.
  • In case of live device I will conduct measuring tasks only with measurement instrument’s correct range and will strictly follow safety regulations and avod what-ever contact with live parts
  • Event participant is aware of risks related with electrical works.
  • I do not keep device with opened housing in mains network without good reason (for measurement or for testing only).
  • During hardware development I assure that my hands are dry and clean.
  • Electronics work is prohibited for persons with heart stimulators.
  • Event participant takes responsibility for his / her life and health.
  • Hardware works exceeding 36 V are allowed only for mentors, who have been assigned by event organizer.
  • I will use tools and safety devices (protection goggles, protection gloves) that assure my safety.
  • If I have not used some tool or device before, I will ask for help from mentor.


  • Event winners are selected by mentors and our partners


Additional questions:

Ask on our Facebook page or email us