Elektrilevi Smart City Track

Elektrilevi Smart City Track

Smart City Track – sponsored by Elektrilevi

Smart City is a dynamic ecosystem, which allows data driven decision making by providing secure interconnectivity and data analysis between various types of devices and platforms. These decisions help to build cost-effective smart solutions for the future cities. Elektrilevi is facing a lot of Smart City challenges already and with this hackathon we try to focus on how to provide a successful start for the Smart City solutions we see fit for the future. Exclusive prizes are meant for teams competiting in Smart City Track!

Smart City and Smart Grid core themes are:
– Smart Mobility
– Congestion and traffic control või management
– Public safety
– Lighting
– Parking

– City wide platforms
– Integrated networks
– Waste management
– Wireless
– Micro grids
– Efficient buildings

– Big Data
– Cyber Security
– Data analytics
– Spatial analytics
– Aggregation

– Smart dust
– Drones
– Autoamtisation -> Automation
– Large and small scale energy storage



Elektrilevi awards the best project in Smart City track with 1700 €*.
Most potential projects might get proposal for further cooperation with Elektrilevi.


*Taxes will be deducted from the prize amount