About Skeemipesa

About Skeemipesa

Skeemipesa is Estonian electronics, mechatronics and software hackerspace. Skeemipesa is offering services for start-up companies in hardware and software development. Skeemipesa members have various skills in electronics, programming, mechatronics and product development that help start-up companies to create their MVP (minimum viable product). Skeemipesa services are available on various payment options. Prototype development can be bought according to price quotations based on initial analysis. Newly founded start-up without enough resources could get MVP development in exchange of share in its equity.

MVP / prototype development helps start-up companies to find additional funding from venture capital firms. It is essential for gaining larger audience among possible consumers. Skeemipesa helps to brainstorm for the best ideas for physical and/or software product creation. Skeemipesa can produce first usable prototypes for idea introduction and take part in latter product development.

Skeemipesa team consists of highly educated engineers, who have lots of partical experience in innovative device and system building. Several of them hold Ph.D. degree. Most engineers have Tallinn University of Technology background. Some of them have studied in other top European technology universities.

Skeemipesa is also actively taking part in technical education popularisation. Skeemipesa is conducting repair cafes, various workshops and other events

Contact us: info@skeemipesa.ee