Website: Internships for seniors

Website: Internships for seniors

Author: Anna-Liisa Palatu

Creation of a website that brings together companies and senior citizens looking to carry out an internship in a field that differs from their previous employment.

The idea focuses on the largest population portion (elderly) of the future decades and their shifting needs towards self actualization.

The product is a website that lets companies advertise their senior internship programs and find the suitable candidates. Compensation for internships is paid to candidates via the platform (following freelancing portals’ model). A comission based business model is used.

What’s in it for companies? Our three favorite letters: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) (AND educated+experienced work force)

What’s in it for the society? A happier, smarter and more productive population

What’s in it for the team? Profitable, low-maintenance commission based business model

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