Average Software Developer Salaries: Salary Comparison by Country 2023

Average Software Developer Salaries: Salary Comparison by Country 2023

With over 1 million tech specialists, this region offers a diverse pool of talented specialists in software development, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Projections for its growth are optimistic, with an expected increase of 5% annually. The role of software development in our economy has grown significantly, and countries like the US, China, and India are often cited as dominant forces in this field. However, in recent times, Eastern European countries have become crucial players by providing a wealth of software engineers with impressive skills.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Offshoring is the movement of a business process done inside one company (an ODC is a department or an extended team) but in different countries. The remote software development team is most often aimed at getting an additional workforce but at reduced costs. Ukraine is popular with its educational system, number of universities, and number of international students enrolled in different programs. The main IT hubs of the country which are Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, and Dnipro have a few universities each. Plus, dozens of special education courses and IT schools for people with different levels of knowledge.

Average data engineer salary range in Ukraine

Accedia helps clients scale their team size and finds the developers with the required skills to minimize operational overhead. It has clients from many countries and provides great opportunities for leveraging remote collaboration. Software developer salaries in Ukraine range from $500 to $3,500 per month on average here. In terms of salaries, companies should average javascript developer salary be ready to pay from $1,800 to $4,500 per month to local developers. The country has received a score of 87.2 out of 100 by HackerRank, which granted it the 12th position among other states. Local developers charge on average from $1,300 to $3,500 per month, with the most popular technologies of specialization including Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and C#.

Interestingly, the Performance Engineer’s salary in this country is lower than the QA Software Engineer’s wage. A Senior Test Automation Engineer’s salary is $30,000 and a junior’s salary is $18,000. It is noticeable that the wages of QA Software Testers and Software Test engineers are practically equal. This professional may analyze or recommend commercially available software for QA automation. The hallmark of quality engineers is the ability to troubleshoot automation tools.

C# Developer Rates in the US, Europe and Australia

If you want to build a long-term relationship and grow your team, you should consider hiring a full-time remote position. These agencies aren’t limited to one area when seeking qualified applicants; they search worldwide and headhunt the best developers. In short, a developer who fits your professional requirements and your company’s culture.

  • The Information Technology industry in Eastern Europe is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.
  • The average software engineer salary in Eastern Europe like Poland, Romania and Ukraine ranges from $22,000 up to $30,000 per year which  is the lowest among other countries.
  • In platforms like Hackerrank and TopCoder, Eastern European programmers have the best ranking for web development and custom software development.
  • In 2016, Optio won the Startup Georgia competition and received funding in the amount of 100,000 lari (approximately $32,414), after which the project went for acceleration to American Techstars.
  • Depending on the chosen model the company can set up a new office or build a new team abroad.

It also boasts the largest tech labour pool in the world but demand is also so high that it far outstrips supply, pushing up salaries. The jobs data portal itjobswatch.co.uk, however, puts the median salary for data engineers at the higher level of £70,000 (€82,508) a year or £5833 (€6875) a month, based on 2099 quoted salaries. The bottom 10% of data engineer salaries in the UK are given as £45,000 (€53,041) a year or £3750 (€4420) a month. The top 10% of UK data engineer salaries rise to £96,250 (€113,448) a year or £8021 (€9454) a month.

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For example, by getting a plane from Lviv which is one of the biggest IT Outsourcing cities in the country, you will reach Berlin or Paris in just 2-3 hours. The location of the country makes Ukrainian professionals have the same mindset as their European colleagues, so they follow the same way. In addition, there are no big differences in business operating hours between Ukraine and the rest of Europe. In terms of specific languages, Java pays the most in the Philippines at $10,833 per year. IOS pays the worst; iOS developers in the Philippines can expect to earn $3,059 per year. Western European developers make at least $40,000+ a year, whereas developers in Eastern Europe can expect significantly less, around $20,000+ a year.

eastern europe software engineer salary

It is fairly simple to identify those who are jobless in a particular location or company, however, it can be a time-consuming process. If your intention is to hire a developer promptly, the following alternatives may be worth considering. Let us dissect the top three reasons endorsing the hiring of remote talent from these countries. Unity is considered to be the world’s most widely-used real-time 3D development platform and was announced to be one of the most in-demand technologies in 2023. The average pay ranges from about $46,500 which suggests that regardless of location. It means that even if you have a lot of experience there are not many opportunities for increased pay or advancement for  a React Developer.

Senior C++ Software Engineer – Autonomous Driving

See the graph to compare how much Eastern European developer earnings differ from salaries in the US or other Western countries (we included the US salary on top for better comparison). Average developer earnings are of interest not only to people who want to join the IT market but also to start-up founders who are considering outsourcing product development to other countries. All things considered, with the information provided here, we can safely assume that the average software engineer works between 40 hours to 60 hours a week. So, yes, as a doctor, a primary care physician (among the lowest-paid doctors) will eventually earn a lot more than a software developer.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Let’s explore the average annual salary and hourly rate charged by outsourcing IT agencies for software engineers in Eastern European countries. Despite all odds, Ukraine produces around 20,000 tech specialists each year, thanks to the country’s excellent education system. We are a recruitment agency specialized to connect developers, software engineers, and other IT professionals from Central and Eastern Europe with companies from all over the world. We are located in Hungary and have personal experience with allof the Central/Eastern European countries.

Which European country is best for software developers?

Studies indicate that Eastern European developers possess comparable or even superior skills to their western counterparts. Western and Northern European countries demonstrate a wide range of salaries with about $19,000 for junior specialists and $98,000 for senior engineers. A QA Software Tester is the highest paying role among this region, except for Germany and Spain where a Software Test Engineer’s salary is slightly higher.

As a result, established tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, and Google have shifted their focus to hiring programmers in Eastern Europe. According to a Software Development Report, Ukraine alone has employed about 175,000 individuals in the IT industry. Moreover, with over 23,000 skilled and enthusiastic college graduates available, the number of Eastern European programmers is predicted to increase each year. Additionally, Poland’s IT sector has increased in size at a rate three times that of India, with foreign firms now employing 160,000 software developers from the region. To promote the growth of the IT industry, Eastern European governments are offering benefits and incentives to IT firms and entrepreneurs. The United States lags behind other countries in hiring and utilizing highly skilled engineers well-versed in industry-standard software development methodologies.

Dedicated Team or Outsourcing a Project: Which is Better for Startup?

We decided to check it out and wrote this article for people who are considering hiring a remote developer and need to know how much it will cost them. Economists point to a series of major contributing factors, including decadeslong deflation, the country’s employment culture and a ballooning number of part-time and contract workers. According to data by the OECD, the average annual wage in Japan increased until 1997 to $38,395, and then flattened out. In general, both methods are used widely, but outsourcing is a simpler approach and is usually chosen for the occasional projects. The offshore development center is more complex, where you get a full team in another country but at the same time have full control over them.