Tehnohack participants can win various precious awards:

Grand Prize

TehnoHack 2017 grand prize is 2000 €*.


Elektrilevi Smart City Track Prize

The best project in Elektrilevi Smart City Track will get a 1700 €* prize.


Elektrilevi Best Project Prize

Elektrilevi will choose one best project from TehnoHack, which will be awarded with 800 €*



Each year Ajujaht is giving out very few direct passes on selected events directly to TOP30 development program – the most valuable part of Ajujaht with trainings, thematic events, mentoring, connections etc. From here is only one step to make it to TV-show where the competition starts for the 60 00 euro prize pot. BUT – this year is a bit different. Since most of the teams who made it last time to TOP30 had some kind of prototype to show beforehand, we’re giving away with the pass first 500 euros from the prize pot. So it’s up to you now – use it for improving your prototype, for market validation or something else (let’s hope not for beer douh). PS! Ajujaht is waiting for all the business ideas until 29.10, you can send your idea in already today –!



Well formed and made idea has an opportunity to be picked up to top 40 list of Protoron’s next financing round selection process. Round’s winner can continue in Startup Incubator.



YE International Best Projects Prizes

Three best projects from the hackathon will receive YE International gift cards in amount of 500 €, 300 € and 200 € respectively.