Detailed research are provided as the number and you may frequencies (to possess categorical parameters) and you may mode and you may standard deviations (having proceeded details)

Detailed research are provided as the number and you may frequencies (to possess categorical parameters) and you may mode and you may standard deviations (having proceeded details)

Detailed research are provided as the number and you may frequencies (to possess categorical parameters) and you may mode and you may standard deviations (having proceeded details)

Brand new chi-rectangular sample was utilized to confirm differences when considering categorical variables according towards meeting of Which PA information. Fisher’s real decide to try, instead of the chi-square sample, was used in the event of quick values of expected cells. In contrast, differences when considering proceeded variables of the fulfilling Just who PA suggestions was evaluated of the Mann–Whitney’s U decide to try. Simultaneously, an effective multilevel blended-outcomes logistic regression analysis is performed, together with in identical model various affairs demonstrated more than (i.elizabeth., individual-height, interpersonal-level, organizational-top and you may people-top issues) also part-particular random effects (i.e., Eastern, Main, Atlantic, Craigs list, Pacific otherwise Bogota). Questionnaire characteristics from inside the STATA sixteen.step one (StataCorp, University Channel, Colorado, USA) were utilized to do brand new analyses to help you reflect the weighting to have each new member. A great p-value below 0.05 is actually believed mathematically significant.

Overall performance

Table 1 shows the characteristics of the analysed sample and the relationship between socioecological factors and meeting the WHO PA recommendations. Overall, considering transport and leisure time domains, the prevalence of Colombian pregnant women who met the PA recommendations was 7.5%. According to the pregnancy phase, the prevalence was 5.2% (1st trimester), 9.3% (2nd trimester) and 6.5% (3rd trimester) (data not shown). Most of the Colombian pregnant women were Mestizo (77.5%). A higher percentage of pregnant women were from urban areas (72.9%). Similarly, most of the participants lived with a partner (not married) (61.4%)parisons between the included/excluded participants are shown in Supplementary Table S2 with significant differences found in relation to age and region (p < 0.05>

Dining table 2 implies the results of one’s multilevel blended-perception logistic regression research. All the way down likelihood of fulfilling the latest PA information were discovered to own Indigenous [Chances Proportion [OR] = 0.05, 95% trust interval [CI] (0.01–0.18)] or Mestizo women that are pregnant [Or 0.12, 95% CI (0.06–0.22)] in comparison with Afro-Colombian expecting mothers. While doing so, expectant mothers just who stayed near environmentally friendly portion (and you may safer components to own PA) [Or dos.31, 95% CI (step one.06–cuatro.79)] had greater probabilities of appointment brand new PA information compared to those which don’t live close green section.

Desk dos Multilevel combined consequences logistic regression studies with potential socioecological facts once the independent parameters and you will appointment the physical exercise advice while the a depending variable, certainly one of Colombian women that are pregnant.


The performance indicated that this new incidence of fulfilling the Which PA advice certainly Colombian pregnant women is actually 7.5%. The probabilities from meeting the recommendations was lower in Native and Mestizo professionals than the Afro-Colombian people. Furthermore, professionals just who resided close green areas and you can not harmful to PA was in fact very likely to meet the PA advice than others which performed not alive close environmentally friendly section or resided close eco-friendly section but dangerous having PA.

Since frequency regarding ending up in the brand new PA advice certainly one of Colombian female is 42.7%, it shopping for highlights the importance of promoting PA profile one of Colombian expecting mothers. Our report are in keeping with you to because of the Sanchez-Martinez et al. just who as well as showed that the latest prevalence regarding physical exercise during the expecting female are 12.5%, twenty-eight.6%, and 36.3% regarding entertainment-go out, driving and you will international domain names, respectively 28 . Likewise, the fresh prevalence from Colombian pregnant women just who found this new PA guidance was below you to various other studies from other countries cuatro,5,6,7,8,nine . Our results are not according to those people claimed because of the Haile mais aussi al. eleven in the Ethiopia, Davenport ainsi que al. step 3 in the us and you may Baena-Garcia inside The country of spain 29 . On these get across-sectional education, the fresh new writers claimed a prevalence out-of 20.7%, 21.0% and twenty-five.0% of women that are pregnant just who engaged in PA getting no less than 150 minute weekly, correspondingly twenty eight . Other longitudinal research carried out in Italy showed that the fresh prevalence from pregnant women exactly who fulfilled the brand new PA suggestions ranged throughout pregnancy: 26% (first trimester), 45% (second trimester) and you will 38% (third trimester) in the normal lbs class and you will 20%, 23% and 15% on fat/carrying excess fat group, respectively 30 . While doing so, Collins ainsi que al. 30 , within possible birth cohort research certainly light British female and you may feminine out-of Pakistani source, learned that 61% and twenty-six%, correspondingly, achieved minimal number of PA recommended. Regardless of, our very own answers are prior to those of one to cross-sectional investigation did one of Brazilian pregnant women Libanski mjesto za upoznavanje mladenki you to indicated that eight.2% (initial trimester), 7.6% (second trimester) and you can cuatro.7% (3rd trimester) didn’t meet with the PA recommendations eight . That you can reason that you will, about partly, validate so it reduced incidence away from expectant mothers meeting new PA recommendations stems from different strategies used on evaluate PA profile, eg various other questionnaires (e.g., new Pregnancy Physical activity Questionnaire, this new Paffenbarger Physical exercise Questionnaire) or maybe more objective actions (elizabeth.g., accelerometers). Also, the different metropolitan areas and you may countries of those training could also explain the fresh inaccuracies. Likewise, it needs to be thought that new Whom suggestions do not consider reasonable-power PA because meeting counsel, together with stated education reporting lower levels of PA usually prohibit symptoms which have a span below ten min regarding around the globe PA computation. This technique has been disapproved, because it could diminish the total sum of projected modest-to-vigorous PA 17,33,34 , and is up against the latest Just who slogan “every disperse matters” 2 . One of these of the issue is the analysis performed by Mendinueta et al. sixteen , just who revealed that after they applied this method, the latest frequency out of participants fulfilling guidance clearly changed out of 77 so you can 30% (ladies in the 1st trimester) and out of 85 so you’re able to thirty two% (women in the 2nd trimester).