Phil Mickelson asked me to put $400K Ryder Cup bet in for him: book

Phil Mickelson asked me to put $400K Ryder Cup bet in for him: book

Most of these voters are getting their information from a conservative media landscape where they’re hearing that Donald Trump has been mistreated, the allegations are trumped up, that no one else got charged for doing the same thing, and so on. And I think we should be open to the idea that if that media environment ever changed, that maybe voters would become more receptive to a different message. And I should note, by the way, that many of the persuadable voters who don’t support Donald Trump, and in fact, prefer Ron DeSantis or another Republican candidate — they also think that. Most of the voters who are open to Donald Trump don’t think that he’s done very much wrong here, and they may, in fact, see him as the victim.

And whenever we tested the — I’ll call them “woke issues,” like taking on woke businesses or fighting the woke Left in schools — they didn’t fare that well. It’s not that Republicans disagreed and thought that Republicans shouldn’t fight these fights over woke. They just thought that other values and other issues were more important.

You’ve got to convince voters the economy is good and hope that the news continues to be good enough to, potentially, boost those numbers further. You have to persuade voters that you’re doing a decent job. And they’ll probably never persuade people that you’re not too old to be president, but at least persuade them that you’re good enough to lead the country.

Certainly, DeSantis’s weapons aren’t strong enough to bring down the castle, but it’s not obvious to me that the problem is the weapons as much as the fortress. And Donald Trump is someone who’s been at the top of the Republican Party for the better part of a decade, and Republican voters have rallied around him in the face of the kind of issues that would ordinarily bring down a candidate. So I don’t see very much cause for anyone else to have hope here either. This group of voters is more affluent. It’s likelier to say that they’re only somewhat conservative, or in some cases, even call themselves moderates.

That makes me want to touch on something you just mentioned, which is the possibility of a third-party candidate. 10 percent of our respondents volunteered that they simply wouldn’t vote, or they would vote for someone else, if Donald Trump and Joe Biden were the candidates. And those weren’t options we listed to them. Those were options they went out of their way to tell us when we presented them with a presidential election matchup that looks increasingly likely. So to close out this poll, for now, it clearly dispels the wishful thinking, if we can call it that, of those who, within the Republican Party, want to see Trump defeated. They’re prominent — the Never Trumpers, who have invested both their time and their money into the idea that someone can rise up and beat him.

  • So it’s not just that non-white voters seem to be staying home, it’s that some more of the non-white voters who are turning out are supporting Donald Trump and other Republican candidates.
  • And so there’s a lot of voters who, when confronted with this Biden-versus-Trump matchup, they simply seize up, in polling terms, I suppose.
  • And you know, maybe there’s something that could happen.
  • It’s bigger than any of the leads that Hillary Clinton had in 2016 or 2008.
  • And they also believe that Republicans ought to stand behind Trump in the face of these allegations.

But we have seen these problems for Democrats and Joe Biden before. In the midterm election, Black turnout was really quite weak. There’s an information ecosystem that is in play here.

And again, this is just one poll, small sample size, caveat, caveat, caveat. And that is holding back Biden’s overall level of support in the poll. If one party’s base is upset at something about their party, you can only imagine what the Independents and the other side think about it. So I think this is almost certainly a problem for Biden, in some respect. There’s not much good news to go off of if you’re hoping to defeat Donald Trump without something from above coming in to shake up the race.


Now, voters may not be right about whether the economy is better or worse than it was then. I’ll leave that to the economists to debate. But what’s clear is that Biden is certainly not getting credit for the improving economy yet, and he may still be blamed for an economy that voters simply don’t think is good at all. And I’d add one more thing, which is that voters know these candidates really well.

If I were to explain the DeSantis case, I would say it’s something like DeSantis is the most electable. DeSantis can actually get things done. He did this huge conservative policy agenda in Florida while Trump couldn’t get the wall done and so on. But at least, in that context, the idea that Ron DeSantis can get up there and say Donald Trump is a criminal is — maybe it would break the ice or something, so to speak, on this argument with the Republican base, but it could just as easily backfire.

It’s the sort of range where Donald Trump is an overwhelming frontrunner, at least if we have a big asterisk over all of his legal challenges. Nate, I think the word you’re looking for is “crushing,” not just very well. Crawford, who was escorted to the ring by Eminem, scored a ninth-round TKO against Spence Jr. as he dominated the highly-anticipated fight in Las Vegas. Crawford then popped up at the Way Up With Angela Yee studios earlier this week, where Yee basked in her win and Bud sought an apology from Maino for betting against him. Maino has been confronted by Terrence Crawford after the boxer caught wind of the Brooklyn rapper betting against him in his bout with Errol Spence Jr. As authorities try to untangle the incident, a man who was seen swimming across the river to the aid of the riverboat worker was partly identified as “Aaren”.

While it is well known that I always enjoy a friendly wager on the course, I would never undermine the integrity of the game,” Mickelson said in a statement on Thursday.