What Is TokenTact? TokenTact Help

What Is TokenTact? TokenTact Help

You can use TokenTact for free with a limited number of live and demo strategies as well as access to certain template strategies. Purchasing a monthly or annual paid plan will give you access to TokenTact’s full power and exclusive features. TokenTact is a cryptocurrency trading platform designed to help automate trades on exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken and Binance.

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Here follows the best trading strategy for beginners on TokenTact. It’s a simple trading system that you can run for free forever on a Starter plan. Market Order is an order to buy or sell an asset at the best available market conditions without any limit on price execution. Please note that execution prices can vary from the last traded price significantly depending on the size of the order and the liquidity of the market at that given time. TokenTact has many features that will surely attract users who want to automate their trading and manage their crypto from different exchanges from a single place.

But nonetheless, the main point to consider is that buying an asset just because its price is rising fast is never a good investment decision, more information must be evaluated. Technical Analysis is a methodology of analysis based on the observation of the price of an asset in order to get insightful information to be used for investment purposes. The idea is that demand and offer (the main driving forces of price) shape how the price evolves over time.

This risk can be minimized by traders being very protective of their API keys and deactivating automatic withdrawals. At Trading Browser we aim to protect the end-user by delivering content that is fully transparent and aimed at user experience, trust, and security above all else. In a nutshell, we are a crypto guide with the right ambitions and values.

  • It doesn’t hold any of your assets, nor does it ever ask for your private keys.
  • Mudrex is an automated crypto investment platform that allows users to invest either in strategies made by traders, use pre-built templates, or build their system.
  • One of the main rules any trader should follow is to have safety thresholds in place in case the market goes against you.
  • Once you add a new rule it will execute the selected market with the criteria you have chosen and your job is to monitor your portfolio and make adjustments where it is needed.
  • Adding the strategy to the chart, you will get the historical results from the backtesting tool.

Therefore, your profits will not be secured (realised) until you close the trade and sell the coins you have purchased. To be honest, TokenTact is one of the most easy to use automated crypto trading platforms out there. When using TokenTact, you are not required to transfer any funds over, and the platform doesn’t have direct access to your crypto holdings. TokenTact’s backtesting feature allows traders to test their strategies against historical market data. This is crucial for understanding how a strategy might perform in different market conditions. The analytics tools help users track the performance of their trading rules over time.

You can then name the API key and click “Create New Key”, before confirming your 2FA code and completing the key creation process by following all the instructions in the confirmation email. You will then be able to see the API keys, and you should edit your API https://tradecrypto.com/reviews/trading-soft-reviews/tokentact-crypto-bot-review/ key restrictions in order to maximize your security settings. To register an account, you just need to enter an email address and create a password before agreeing to the Terms of Use. There is also the option to sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

Crypto markets offer high volatility and, thus, excellent opportunities for trading. Excluding times of severe downtrend, buying the dip is a simple and effective long-term trading strategy. Instead, a realised profit or loss refers to complete trades where the coins have been sold. Thus, the realised P&L does not fluctuate as it illustrates the performance of each closed trade. Overall, the profit calculation in https://tokentact.co/ is designed to portray the real value TokenTact adds to one’s wallet while trading. Having a proper profit calculation allows traders to reassess their strategies’ success or failure and adjust accordingly.

Insights gained from these analytics can be instrumental in refining strategies. Mudrex is an automated crypto investment platform that allows users to invest either in strategies made by traders, use pre-built templates, or build their system. With Mudrex, you either use their indicator-based bots or create a bot from scratch, or use bots built by fellow traders. There are two distinct features of the Cryptocurrency market that traders need to be aware of.